Creative Contest of Water Sceneries

 started on March 22,



You are welcomed to take part in the contest of water sceneries.

The Contest is announced on the World Day of Water Resources and is devoted to XXI World Soccer Championship “FIFA-2018”. 

Organizers of the Contest: 

Federal State Budget Institution “Russian Research Institute for Integrated Water Management and Protection” (RosNIIVKh) and RosNIIVKh Museum of Water.

There are two main directions: drawings (pictures) and photographs

Anyone can participate – no age limitations.

Children from 4 to 10 participate in nomination “Children draw Water”.

The list of countries participating in the World Soccer Championship-2018:

AFRICA:  Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia

ASIA: Australia, Iran, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Japan

EUROPE: England, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Island, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, France, Croatia, Switzerland

NORTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA: Cost-Rica, Mexico, Panama

SOUTH AMERICAArgentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay  

The point of the Contestcreative images such as drawings/pictures/photographs of water bodies located on the territories of the countries-participants of “FIFA-2018” sent in electronic form to the official address of the Organizer: after filling of the registration form (here)

Deadline for the works submitting: from March 22 to June 1, 2018. 


The Contest Nominations:

“Water Sceneries”: picturing of water bodies in natural surroundings (mountains, forest, fields, etc.).

“Water Tourism”: a picture of people using a water body as a recreation object (having a good time on the shore, fishing, rafting,. yachting, etc.).

“Transforming Water Bodies”: hydraulic facilities or other structures on the water background (embankments, bridges, urban ponds, lighthouses, dykes, hydro power plants, water discharges, canals, shipping locks, ship elevators, etc.).

“Water World”: images of water residents (plants and animals including birds, fish, amphibian, worms, insects, et.).

 “Power of Water”: any catastrophes like inundation, storm, tsunami, etc.

“Children draw Water”: any plot in association with water and water bodies.

Requirements to the submitted works: 

Drawings/pictures can be done in any technique, any artistic manner and by any way.  Maximal size: А3. 
Photos are to be in JPEG format. Image size: from 2000 pixels (the shortest side), file size: up to 10 Mb. 
The title is to be in Latin letters and Arabic numerals. No
 blanks and other symbols are allowed

The works of the contest participants will be place on the official RosNIIVKh site in minor resolution to protect them from unsanctioned copying and the use in other purposes. 


The concluding meeting of the Contest Commission (to be held before June 1, 2018) will determine (by voting) 3 winners in each of the nominations out of the photos-winners of the month and the photos additional selected by the Task Group. 
The Commission decision together with the wprks-winners will be place on the RosNIIVKH site before June 5, 2018.

The awarding of the Contest winners:

The winners will be awarded with Diplomas at the ceremony to be held on June 8 (the World Day of Oceans) at the RosNIIVkh conference hall. Invitations will be set to the winners in due time. 


Organization Committee: 
RosNIIVKh Museum of Water 
Tel: (343) -287-65-71 (ext.197)