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English version - Clean Water of Russia-2017


2017-02-09 12:00:00

April 1820, 2017, Ekaterinburg
Ekaterinburg-Expo, EXPO Avenue, 2

    Russian Research Institute for Integrated Water Management and Protection
Supported by
    Federal Agency of Water Resources
    Government of Sverdlovsk Oblast
    Committee on Environment and Nature Use, the city of Ekaterinburg
    Rosgidromet Department for the Ural Federal District
    Rospotrebnadzor Department for Sverdlovsk Oblast
    EKO-PROJECT group of companies
    Sverdlovsk Oblast Vodokanal
    Ekaterinburg Medical Scientific Center for Prophylaxis and Health Protection of Industrial Workers
    First President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin Ural Federal University
    Ural State University of Economics
    Ural State University of Mining
    Ekaterinburg City Childrens Ecological Center

The main topic of the symposium:

Implementation of the Water Strategy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020


Plenary meeting:Implementation of the Water Strategy as a move towards water security

The list of thematic sections:
    The Water Strategy implementation
    Environmental rehabilitation and restoration of water bodies
    Innovation techniques in the water systems of industries and inhabited localities
    Issues of water supply and water disposal units updating. A concession in municipal sector
    Technical regulating in designing of water sector facilities and systems
    Ecological education and environment-oriented outlook as a main factor of the societys sustainable development

Workshop Flood risks control:
    Operative assessment of the flood, the forecast of flood occurrence and water supply in 2017. Assessment of waterwork facilities status
    Flood management optimization: possibilities, reality and prospects
    Implementation of measures on prevention of the waters adverse effects
    Provision of operational reliability and safety of waterwork facilities
    Normative/technical regulation in designing of waterwork facilities and systems

Open seminar of Europen Center for Rivers restoration (ECRR) Implementation of river restoration projects

Panel session Water and health. Priority actions in the Russian Federation population supply of high quality drinking water:
    Drinking water quality management: from the catchment to the user
    Assessment of the environment-caused risks for public health and their management
    Minimization of the water-associated risks for public health

Round table National water strategies: international cooperation in minimization of hazards to water safety at the transboundary water bodies with the participation of scholars from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, etc.

Round table
The role and tasks of non-governmental organizations and civil society institutes in provision of environmental safety at Federal and regional levels

Board on Educational Issues under Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in Ural Federal District Development of the personnel training system and appointment assistance for experts in the sphere of ecology and natural resources use in Ural Federal District

Round table The role and tasks of non-governmental organizations and civil society institutes in provision of environmental safety at Federal and regional levels

Open lectures/lessons
    Upgrading of the waterwork facilities safety
    Water as the source and guardian of life (lecture for schoolchildren and students)

    An Exhibition of techniques and projects devoted to water bodies rational use and protection
    innovations and water techniques
    water supply and water disposal facilities renovation
    innovative solutions in the sphere of industrial and rainstorm waste waters treatment
    resources-saving techniques, materials and equipment for water supply, water treatment at the metallurgic, machine-building, power-producing and other plants
    modern instruments for water quality control and water supply/treatment systems automation
    techniques for waste water treatment, sediments utilization, and renovation of water facilities and water ducts
    Exhibition Holy springs of the Middle Ural. Sanitary and safety of the springs
    Exhibition of the children's and teenagers' creative activities Blue river of childhood. Exhibition/presentation of the Ural Federal District curative waters and spa sanatoriums (producers, tourist agencies, and clinics)
    Blue river of childhood juvenile art exhibition

Contests and presentations
    Contest of the young scholars and students scientific/research projects ECOLOGY OF WATER
    Presentation of the schoolchildrens research projects We shall save our rivers
    Contest among the Ural Federal District bottled drinking water producers

Technical excursions
Technical excursions to the Sverdlovsk Oblast water facilities

Summing up of the Symposium activities. Adoption of the resolution. The ceremony of contests winners rewarding
Organizing Committee:
Ul. Mira, 23 Yekaterinburg 620049, Russia
tel/fax +7 (343) 374-82-42? +7 (343)374-49-07,  e-mail:,


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