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English version - Clean Water of Russia-2017

XIV International Scientific/practical Symposium Clean Water of Russia-2017

2017-02-09 12:00:00

XIV International Scientific/practical Symposium Clean Water of Russia-2017 will be held in Ekaterinburg on April 1820, 2017 at the ground of ExpoBuildRussia specialized forum. The event will be supported by Federal Agency of Water resources and the Sverdlovsk Oblast Government. The events have been scheduled within the frameworks of the Year of Ecology in the Russian Federation. Scholars of the leading scientific institutions of Russia and CIS countries, water experts and executive officers of the Federation constituent members, representatives of water using industries, environmental NGO, as well as oversight bodies dealing with environment.


The main topic of the symposium: Implementation of the Water Strategy of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020

    Assessment of the current dynamics of the Water Strategy realization (the main indicators and their characteristics)
    spatial development of the water/economic complex of Russia aimed at the maintaining of sustainability of the system of population distribution on the territory
    strategic national priorities in respect of water safety including those oriented for long terms
    Activities on the Water Strategy main tasks performance
    strategic planning (goal-setting, forecast, planning and programming of the water/economic complex of Russia development)
    monitoring and control over the documents and strategic planning measures implementation
    methodical, regulatory/legislative support of the strategic planning (scientific/engineering support, development of the regulatory and legislative base, and technical regulation)
    water supply: new techniques of water treatment; drinking water quality; industrial water supply; waste water treatment
    2017 as the Year of Ecology in the Russian Federation: development of the water/economic complex within the system of environmental safety provision
    The role and tasks of NGOs and civil society institutions in securing environmental safety at the Federal and regional levels

    National water strategies: international cooperation in minimization of hazards to water

                                                                CONTESTS, PRESENTATIONS
    Contest of the young scholars and students scientific/research projects Ecology of Water
    Presentation of the schoolchildrens research projects We shall save our rivers
    Contest among the Ural Federal District bottled drinking water producers
Technical excursions to water plants/facilities of Sverdlovsk oblast
Electronic collection of proceedings of XIV International Symposium Clean Water of Russia -2017 will be submitted to RINTs and place on the eLIBRARY.RU platform of the Scientific Electronic Library. The application form and rules of the reports arrangement are attached.
                                                                          RULES OF REPORTS ARRANGEMENT

Submitting of papers (reports) for publication is welcomed. Maximal volume of the report is to be 0.5 of author sheet (12 thousand characters including gaps).
A paper is to include UDC index, key words and an abstract in Russian and English. The following structure of a paper considered optimal: a brief introduction with precise formulation and characteristic of a problem to be discussed, a contensive part, relevant conclusions and references.
The text is to be typed without division of words with width alignment, Times New Roman, 12 point type, 1.5 interval, 2.5 cm margins from all 4 sides.
Digital data are to be arranged as tables. Each table is to be numbered and entitled. Numeration is to be end-to-end. Al words in tables are to be full-length excluding units. Digital values in the text and tables are to be in SI system (compulsory) units.
The list of references is to be attached at the end of the paper. References to the source of information are to be numbered and arranged into the list of references according to 7.0.5 2008 Bibliographical references. General requirements and the rules of composing. References to the source of information within the text should be enclosed in square brackets (e.g. [2]) and numbered in successive order.
Illustrative materials in color or black-and-white electronic version (drawings, graphs, and diagrams) are to be included ito the main text as objects.
Photos and drawings are to be at least 9x12 cm with resolution at least 300 dpi in tiff, jpg; formats, in case of necessity they can be archived (WinZIP, WinRAR).
The paper electronic version will be accepted in Microsoft Word. Tables, figures, drawings, diagrams, and schemes are to be attached as separate files (drawings, graphs, and schemes in Corel Draw, diagrams in Excel).
Papers for publication in the electronic version of proceedings of XIV International Symposium Clean Water of Russia-2017 are to be submitted before March 1, 2017 to the e-mail address: Please pay special attention to complete fulfillment of all requirements to the presented materials arrangement as they are to be placed within the RINTs system.

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